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How to Buy Camping Chairs for Overweight People (like me).

Unfortunately, this article is personal. I bought some nice camping chairs last summer only to find out that my weight was causing them to come apart. Screws were coming out, the webbing was separating, the frame was bending, and the plastic adjustment leavers were splitting.

I did not buy cheap or bad chairs; I just bought the wrong chair for a guy approaching 300lbs. So, with a little more transparency than I like, I decided to create this article. As I began shopping for new chairs for my size and weight, I learned a few things along the way, and I’d like to share them with you.

Here is my checklist to buy camping chairs for overweight people. Your bodyweight should be within the chair’s limits. The Materials for the frame should be powder-coated steel with steel fasteners and 600D Polyester fabric and folds up in a space of 40 inches long by 12 inches wide and weigh less than 15 lbs.

But there is more to understand to get a good chair that you will enjoy and will last you for a while. I created a list of the criteria I used to find the chair I wanted, and you can use this list to help you find the camping chairs for heavy peopleor choose one of the five choices that I've included below.

What to look for when buying a Heavy-Duty Camping Chair

Camping chairs are the best thing for me who is overweight to sit on while camping. Things like logs, stumps, and rocks don't provide anything in the way of support for my back and especially if I needed to get up quickly.

Simply sitting on the ground is very uncomfortable and harder for me to get up from when I need to stand. Therefore, I bring a camping chair that can hold my weight and be comfortable. Roughing it does not mean I have to be uncomfortable the entire time.

When shopping for a heavy-duty camping chair, there are a few things to keep in mind:

Weight limit. This should be the first thing to check because, without the proper limitation, the chair will just be a waste of money that can't be used. Make sure to get a chair with a weight limit higher than the person it is intended for and not one that is precisely at that number. Doing so will help make sure the chair will last a while.

Materials. Look into what the chair is made from, so you are sure it is durable and comfortable. The better or more rigid the materials, the longer the chair will last and the better bang you are getting for your buck.

Portability. The whole purpose of a camping chair is so you can bring it along camping with little effort. Granted, these chairs will be larger or heavier than the average camping chair, but you still want it to be manageable.

Design. Just because the chair must be heavy-duty and rugged doesn't mean it can't be aesthetically appealing as well or match your personal taste. Pick a chair you will be happy to sit in and happy to be seen sitting in.

Cost. This may go without saying but keep the price in mind when shopping for a camping chair that can hold heavier campers. These chairs will cost more because they are bigger and sturdier, but the market for these chairs is extensive and widespread. Shop around and look for something at a great price that fits your needs. Sometimes the priciest chair isn't worth it.

Dimensions. Look at the measurements for the chair. Pay attention to how far off the ground it is, how high the back goes, and the seat's width. Not every heavy camper is built the same, so not every chair is either. There are some that set closer to the ground, making it uncomfortable for the taller person. Some chairs are built very high and deep, making it hard for others to climb out.

Features. It can be said a chair is a chair, but for someone who is looking to buy a heavy-duty camping chair, you want to be sure you get the most for your dollar. Of course, you want a reliable chair and comfortable, but that is a starting point.

Many of the chairs on the markets and each of the chairs on this list are special in some way. Know what you want from a chair and what kind of extras will seal the deal for you. Suppose this is going to be a chair you take with you camping for years to come. Please make sure you are happy with it.

Best Heavy-Duty Camping Chairs

This chair sits at the top of the food chain when it comes to heavy-duty camping chairs. It can hold up to 800 lbs., so no one is going camping this chair cannot hold. The frame of the chair is made of powder-coated reinforced steel, which means the chair can take a lot of wear and tear and still hold together.

The seat is covered with 600d polyester, which will not tear easily and still be comfortable to sit on. The whole chair is padded, making it a supportive seat and a comfortable one. The armrests also have padding inside them and conform easily to whoever sits in them. Each armrest has a cup holder, and there are places for storage on the back and each side.

The chair weighs in at 13lbs altogether, which is understandable considering what they use to make the chair. The King Kong folds up and has a carrying bag with a shoulder sling to help move it from place to place. For $60, this is a great buy and something that will last for years on end.

• Dimensions: 30in x 20in x 38in

• Seat height: 18 inches

Everyone knows Coleman is a brand you can trust when it comes to camping equipment. That trust carries over the Big-N-Tall Chair. The chair's frame is made of steel, so there is no chance of it giving way if you sit in it too long or wearing down over time.

The seat can support up to 600 lbs., so the chair lives up to its namesake and can hold any big and tall campers who need a place to rest. The seat is 19 inches off the ground, allowing for some legroom without making you feel cramped.

Like the King Kong, the chair comes with padding for further comfort, and the armrests have cup holders. There are several pockets for storage and a special water-resistant pocket for cell phone storage.

The chair seat is water-resistant as well, forcing moisture out the bottom of the seat, so it remains dry whenever you sit down in it. These bonus features really set this chair apart from other chairs on this list. The chair folds down and only weighs 10 lbs.

• Dimensions: 37in x 24in x 38in

• Seat height: 19in

Here we have a chair that does a great job of being a heavy-duty camping chair. No one will want to get out of this chair while camping, thanks to the features and its sturdy yet comfortable build. Oversized is the perfect name for this chair.

It is the widest you will find on the market and is excellent for tall campers as well. The weight limit on this seat is 450 lbs. which is lower than the other two chairs listed above, but this is still a great buy. The steel frame is treated against rust, so you don't have to worry about using it on rainy or humid days.

The oxford fabric means the chair can stand up to scratches, cuts from keys, and pocket knives, and still do its job. The entire chair is padded as well, making it comfortable to sit in for long stretches like story time around the campfire (my favorite thing to do).

The armrests are flexible and conform to your arms. Bonus features for the armrests include a cupholder on one arm and a cooler for drinks on the other. Like on the other chairs, there is also still a pocket to store items like a book or magazine.

The chair is designed to fold in and be easy to take down and set up. However, it weighs in at a little over 13 lbs., so carrying it on hikes and long walks to a campsite isn't ideal.

• Dimensions: 25.20in x 36.61in x 39.37in

• Seat height 18.9in

On the "lighter and simpler" side of the heavy-duty camping chairs is the Kijaro XXL Dual Lock. The chair is not as cushioned or complicated-looking as the other chairs on the list, but it lacks in nothing when it comes to functionality.

The name of the chair calls attention to one of the best features it has. The dual lock on the joints of the chair is there for ease of mind. The locks make sure once you have opened the chair, it will stay open. No more worrying about adjusting yourself in the seat and it shrinking up or the chair folding in from the weight of you sitting down.

The Kijaro will keep its form if the dual locks are engaged. I’ve had chairs to try to fold up on me while in them and I hate that.

What's more, is this locking function can even be used to keep the chair folded for transport. The chair has a strap attached to the back to carry it around without using the bag. With the simple design, we do lose a bit in the max weight it can hold.

This chair tops out at 400lbs. Still, this is a great choice even if you are not overweight and are looking for a great and reliable chair to take camping. It comes in a variety of colors, so there is a choice for everyone. The chair is also very light at close to 11 lbs.

The material of the seat is also tear, rip, and water-resistant. The armrests, of course, have cup holders and small storage space on the side to place other things.

• Dimensions 28.34in x 37.70in x40.00x

• Seat height 20in

And finally, I found this chair (I did not buy it) but it holds a 1000 lbs., which for some gives extra security knowing it won’t collapse. Not just in the name but a statement of fact.

At present, there is no other portable camping chair out there that I have found that has a higher weight capacity. There shouldn't be a need to go higher for all intents and purposes, but if you need a chair that can take any camper of any weight, then this is the best one to bring along on your trip.

The simple design is supported on each side by the crossbeam design using steel rods. The seat itself is cushioned but not padded, so it has less support than some other chairs listed here so you may want to bring an additional seat cushion to use with it. But it’s still very comfortable, even for taller chair users.

I like the storage components for the chair. In one armrest, there is a cup holder. On the other armrest is a cooler. There is a mesh drawstring pocket on one side and a storage compartment on the back. You can have everything you want placed on your chair and have almost no reason to get up and the older I get the better I like this.

The armrests themselves are very comfortable and great for stability when climbing in and out of the chair. Speaking of stability, the base of the legs is placed wide apart and padded with nylon to provide traction and prevent slipping.

The chair comes with a carrying tote and weighs about 12 and a half pounds. Perfect for setting up by the lake and enjoying the view.

• Dimensions 42.25 in x 26.5 x 23 in

• Seat height 20 in

How are weight limits determined for camping chairs?

The weight limits for chairs are essential and are often the selling points for chairs on lists like this one. The manufacturers determine the weight limits for camping chairs by placing weight and pressure on them in stress tests, but these weights are static. Static, meaning the weight is still and lifeless like metal plates or a dummy.

Which is different from what I’m calling “living weight.”

So, when considering your purchase of a heavy-duty camp chair, keep in mind your weight is not static. You are a moving and living being using the chair. Living weight bears differently on the chairs, like the extra force put on the chair when you plop down hard on it after a long hike or rock back and forth on it while holding a small child.

So because of the “living weight” factor, be sure to purchase a chair that can have a couple of hundred more pounds than your weight so the chair can withstand the additional stress and shock of movement.

Well, I hope the information above is valuable and can help make your next family camping trip comfortable for everyone. Weight and physical limitations shouldn't be a roadblock for someone wanting to spend time in nature or with their loved ones. With chairs like these, comfort and companionship can go hand in hand.

All the best,

Alex Anderson


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