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Top 10 Pop Up Camping Tents for 2021 (the one you should buy)

In this article are the top 10 tent popup tents in the market right now so which tent should you buy? Keep reading.

When I am purchasing a tent, I am investing in a piece of equipment that I expect to last many years and continue to do the job. However, just because a popup tent is lightweight and cheaper than other bigger tents does not mean that you nor I should sacrifice quality.

In fact, in my spreadsheet, I took into account the cost, the capacity, the weight, and the reviews (from 70 to 31,496) of the people who bought it.

After the spreadsheet, I looked into the tents a bit more to give you more information to help you make a better decision for, “Which tent should you buy?

So which tent should you buy? I recommend you buy the Coleman 4-person Pop Up Tent. Because it weighs 6.41 lbs., costs $61.70, comes with a rain cover, and has been purchased 4,245 times. It's a very popular pop-up tent.

Now for more a deep dive into these tents.

Coleman 4-person Popup Tent

When I’m thinking about purchasing a popup tent, I often begin with the Coleman four-person tent. With 4,245 reviews this is a proven favorite.

1. This tent is simple and easy to set up and take down.

2. There are no extra frills or features other than a couple of pockets for storage in the tent, the rainfly, and vents near the floor of the tent help with keeping the tent cool.

3. There is room for four people in the tent, but once I take into account equipment and sleeping bags, it is best to limit it to three.

4. With the tent's floor measuring 9x6 feet, that is usually enough room for everyone to sleep comfortably.

5. Unfortunately, it is 3ft 4 in at its highest point, so standing in the tent is impossible, especially for a tall guy like me.

6. The assembly of the tent is effortless and will take around five minutes. I can tear it down and storing it is just as easy, and the tent fits nicely in the carrying bag.

Be sure to check the forecast, though, before using this tent. Its design helps it stand on windy days, but overall, it is not great in inclement weather.

I found that it can leak at the seams if the rain is heavy enough.

Dark Room Skydome

Here is another popup tent from Coleman that I like a lot. This one has a few differences that make it an upgrade to the tent listed above.

As the name states, this is a Dark Room tent. This means the tent is designed to keep the sunlight out, which helps in a couple of different ways.

1. First, it blocks up to 90% of the sun, which keeps the tent cool.

2. Secondly, since it blocks so much sunlight, it makes a great tent for those like me who like naps on their camping trips or have something to use during the warmer months of the year and not feel like they are sleeping in an oven.

3. Coleman also made this tent with larger dimensions than the previous popup tent adding a foot to the tent's height, which I like.

4. As I mentioned before, the tent fits four, but since there is a vestibule or separate area for gear once you fill it with everything, I suggest keeping it to three at max.

5. The door is really cool (no pun intended) and comes with a mesh window for a view and ventilation. So, you can see outside without worrying about anything crawling in.

6. Setup and takedown are easy, just like other Coleman popup tents. The tent weighs about twelve pounds, so it is not ideal for carrying from place to place. This is more of a set it up once and enjoy the weekend tent.

7. The tent and the rainfly materials should hold up to quick rain showers in spring or summer. Anything more strenuous than that, like my Florida afternoon storms, may need a sturdier tent.

Overall, this is a popular buy for campers looking to keep cool on weekend trips to the woods, beaches, or even music festivals.

Coleman Instant Tent 6

Here is a much roomier and sturdier popup tent by Coleman. This tent can accommodate six people if you pack it to the brim.

It is six feet tall (I like that), allows more headroom when standing inside, and fits two queen-sized air mattresses, but there is no longer any floor space if you try this.

Still, this tent is much larger than the popup tents above and just as easy to set up. In addition, the tent takes minimal effort to assemble and can be done in about 3 minutes.

The poles are made sturdy, and the tent is more rigid, so it fairs better against winds than the other popup tents.

However, the biggest drawback to the tent is the lack of weatherproofing. The rainfly only covers the top of the tent, leaving the walls exposed.

In addition, the walls are not waterproof, so constant or heavy rain will seep through and lead to condensation inside the tent.

The only waterproof part is the tarp that makes up the floor, but it only covers the bottom and does not extend up to any side of the tent.

The easy assembly and the size of this tent make it great for family trips. There are two medium-sized pouches located on opposite sides inside the tent to store small items like keys, phones, and wallets, so you do not have to worry about losing them.

As long as you check the weather before your outing, this tent will have no problems. It is so easy to put up and tear down you can even use it in a backyard for fun, and it will last years.

Elite Montana 8-Person Lighted Tent

Staying with larger popup tents, here is the Elite Montana 8-Person Lighted Tent.

· With this tent, there is plenty of floor space with dimensions of 16'x7' and a height of a little over 6'. So if you are camping with less than eight people, there is plenty of space to stretch out and take advantage of the wiggle room.

· Sadly, there is only one door, so entering and exiting can lead to some interesting situations if you have a family of five like do.

· There is a mesh-covered window on the door and the ones at either end of the tent. These windows, along with ground vents, allow for ventilation and some view of the outside.

· The novel part of this tent which earns it the distinction "Elite" over the regular Montana tent, is a light switch by the tent door leading to a LED light located in the middle of the tent. Other than that, the tent is modest in design.

· When it is broken down, the Elite fits perfectly in the rectangular carrying case. Assembling the tent is relatively easier than other non-popup tents of the same size.

· However, unlike the other tents on the list, this tent is definitely one you will need help with setting up. In addition, the materials used at the tent are not as durable as a pricer and tougher tent.

Keep that in mind when putting the tent up, so you don't end up breaking a pole. All in all, it is still a pretty durable tent with plenty of space to bring a group camping.

Coleman Instant Screenhouse

Taking a quick break from the popup camping tents, let’s take look at the Coleman Instant Screenhouse popup tent. Even though this is not a tent it can be used for recreation and sitting outside and camping.

· It makes a tremendous screened-off area to sit and relax or spend time outside with a great view while protected from the elements.

· It stands at 7 feet tall, and the entrances are 6 feet, and two inches, so few people will ever have to slouch when going in and out.

· The hexagonal shape means the exact footage is odd to map, but it's 15'x13', so the family has plenty of space.

· It’s a six-person tent, so it is a good idea to use it as a communal place to eat and socialize while camping.

· The tent can block out UV from UPF50 and up. The tent is walled with a durable double mesh, so nothing will be getting in as long as the doors are closed.

· The materials for this tent are different from the other tents on the list. They use fiberglass and less expensive materials to keep the price low; the poles are metal (my favorite) and will last for years.

· The main issues with this tent come with the small roof and the bulkiness. The top does keep the sun out and protect you but compared to the size of the whole tent; it covers a small part leaving people primarily exposed to the sun.

· Also, while this is a popup tent, it breaks down easily but is still very bulky and heavy, so this is something you will not want to carry too far from the car and set up once.

By and large, this is a great bonus tent to bring camping or even have in a backyard. It is freestanding so that it can go anywhere you want to place it.

In addition, there are steaks included to use on winder days, so it is excellent for spring and summer days. Yet, this tent has mesh on all sides, so it is not recommended to use in the rain.

Coleman Sundome 3-person Popup

Now back to the popup camping tent. The Coleman Sundome tent comes in various sizes, but specifically, here I am looking at the three-person tent.

The floor measures 7x7 feet, and it stands at 4 feet high, so it is very compact. This may not make it ideal for taller campers (like me), but it helps when it comes to packing and carrying.

Like other tents this size, I recommend you don’t try to fit three people in here. Instead, you will want to use the space for your gear and a little room for yourself.

The Sundome is a popup tent and is an upgrade from the standard Coleman popup. It has ventilation vents on the ground and mesh windows on the tent and the door, so there is plenty of airflows.

Fortunately, while keeping it ventilated, this also keeps condensation from building up too much. Moisture and rain are less of an issue with this tent but to a point.

Anything heavier than a casual rain shower will find its way into the tent.

For its price point and durability, you will not find anything out there that can match the performance to the cost ratio of this tent.

It is a great tent to buy for casual campers who make the occasional trip into the woods.

With the vent system of the tent and the lack of tougher weatherproofing, this is a tent only to use half the year. Still a great buy and is easy enough to pack and put up for occasional camping.

Wenzel Alpine 3P Tent

Even though the name is a mouthful, this is a cheap tent that will last a long time, the Wenzel Alpine tent is a pretty good bargain.

· The pentagonal shape gives it weird dimensions which for me is a challenge to layout cots and sleeping gear, but it helps deal with weather and adds to the sturdiness.

· It may sound redundant but plan to use this tent with one less person than its rated capacity. This will ensure you get the most bang for your buck out of this tent.

· It stands about four feet tall so expect to have to crawl in and out. It weighs around seven pounds, so it is light for this size tent, making it a bit more portable than others.

The setup comes back with mixed reviews, however, the average time to get it up and ready is between five to seven minutes with one person.

The poles are made of fiberglass like many bargain popup tents, so be mindful when putting up and taking down the tent so as not to break them.

In terms of weather resistance, the tent stands up well to rain despite the rainfly being small. As long as the tent is put up properly and the rain isn't too heavy, it will keep the inside dry.

There are vents on the windows and are situated in a way to keep them from allowing moisture inside. Since it is a popup tent, it is best used in the warmer parts of the year.

Caddis Rapid 6 Person Tent

If you want a really big and easy-to-set-up tent that has excellent ventilation, then Caddis Rapid 6 Person is it.

· The Rapid six is big and sturdy.

· However, this is a one-and-done in terms of wanting to carry and pitching this tent because of that. Coming in at a little over twenty-five pounds, this is not a tent you can or would like to carry on your back during a hike.

· The poles are made of metal so that they will last you longer, and the material that makes up the tent is thicker than other popup tents out there, but that is what makes it heavier than others as well.

· It measures 10x10x6 feet roughly with a slight slope in the roof, so you don't lose much height as you move about the tent.

· The tent has windows on the walls and one on the door, which is all sealed with mesh as well as a mesh roof, so you have plenty of vantage points on a clear and warm night while keeping a nice breeze or crosswind going.

· The tent has a rainfly that almost comes down over the entire tent (this is awesome) but leaves the bottom section uncovered.

The Rapid does okay against the rain if the weather isn't too severe and the fly covers the windows. The poles have metal joints, which under high enough winds, may buckle. It is better suited to fair weather.

All in all, when compared to other tents in this category, this is still a wise choice. The Rapid will last for years and has plenty of space to be used for weekends or longer trips with a large family.

Decathlon Quechua 2-Second tent

Another mouthful to say, the Quechua popup tent by Decathlon is an innovative tent meant to be compact and keep you comfortable once you are inside.

It comes in various sizes, but I like the three-person tent specifically for these reasons.

· The tent is 5'x7', roughly three and a half feet tall at the highest point, so it is very compact. It’s best not to fit three people inside as they will be sleeping shoulder to shoulder, and there is no space for gear inside.

· It may not be the lightest popup tent, weighing in at seven pounds, but it is still easy to move around as long as you plan on not taking it on a hike.

· The features and performance of this tent make it a great buy, given the price.

· The Quechua tent blocks out the elements and not just rain.

· The tent is made to block out UV rays equal to that of SPF 30, and when everything is shut, it can keep pretty dark even when the sun is out.

· Along with being excellent at keeping out the sun, it is fantastic at being waterproof. The rainfly and the tent hold up well against the rain.

· The tent is also freestanding; the stakes it comes with are optional.

The major flaw of this tent is it is not the best when the winds kick up, even with the stakes in place. Aside from that and some issues with the door zipper, this is a great buy.


Here is one of the most accessible tents on this list to purchase.

· This tent sets up quickly, packs down nicely, and is excellent to bring along on any casual camping trip.

· The area of the tent is just about 7x8 feet and stands at four feet tall.

· Like most other popup tents, it is made small to pack small and be easy to store and carry. This tent may not be great for taller campers, but the average-sized person will find it comfortable enough.

· The tent comes with a mechanism that helps the tent popup and the joints for the legs lock into place.

· Setting up the tent's frame can be done by one person in about a minute, and the actual tent itself is freestanding so that you can place it anywhere.

· It is designed to be put up even in the rain, and the inside will stay completely dry. The rainfly comes pre-attached, which is excellent if you have to ever put the tent up at night or in bad weather.

· Two doors with windows have a mesh to keep out bugs and rain and two floor vents. Even with the windows closed, the floor vents will help keep the air moving and the tent dry.

· On hot days when all the windows and vents open, the cross breeze will help keep the tent nice and comfortable for you and your friends.

· While it can be freestanding, the tent comes with pegs and ropes to help it stay put when the winds blow.

· The tent poles are fiberglass (not my favorite), so they may not hold up well to the winds regardless, so use this tent in milder weather. The tent can take the casual rainstorm, but anything with the harsh wind will make light work of the tent.

Thanks for reading.

Alex Anderson


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