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5 Pop Up Canopy Tents Under $100

I love family time and I love being outdoors. And when you can combine both of these well, just to be honest, life is sweet. Being outdoors is so good for so many reasons, the fresh air, sunlight, blue sky, it’s really good for your mental state and offers an opportunity to just talk to each other. For the same reasons it’s great for families to spend time togetheroutdoors even if you don’t have the time or money to go camping, you can still go to the park, beach or your own backyard. So, I decided to put this list of Pop Up Canopy Tents together to have a place to hang out that's not in front of the television or a laptop with the hope that it will help you to have a little old fashion conversation to just get to know the ones you love…again.

My 4 criteria for this Pop Up Canopy Tent list are:

· Cost under $100

· Footprint 10 x 10 ft

· Pop Up Canopy Tent

· Light Weight (around 25 lbs)

1. $69 PHI VILLA 10 x 10ft Portable Pop Up Canopy

Its footprint is 10'x10' with 3 adjustable height positions, big enough for about 5 people to sit under comfortably. It’s an “easy up canopy tent” that uses a collapsible steel accordion frame and weighs 26 pounds. It’s waterproof and has a Portable Roller Bag. Pretty simple design and a good price for $69. Read more here.

2. $79 ABCCNAOPY Outdoor Pop Up Canopy with a Sun and Wind Block Wall.

This One Button Easy Up Canopy is really handy if you are putting it up by yourself. By pushing the one-center button, only one person it needed to set it up. I particularly like this if dad or mom is doing it by themselves. This Pop Up Canopy Tent is also Flame Resistant, but I still would not cook under it. I’ve made that mistake before…not good. The Sun and Wind-blocking wall is worth the $79 if you have small children and the sun is not directly overhead. Read more here.

3. $80 Outdoor Basic 10 x 10 ft Pop-Up Canopy Tent

This tent comes in 5 different colors like Pink, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Red, and Creme. So, if you have a color scheme for a party one of these colors just might fit. It has all the basic features, waterproof, powder-coated rust-resistant frame, and weighs only 25 lbs. It does have a maximum height of 8.5 feet which is great for hanging lights inside of it for a birthday party or backyard picnic. Read more here.

4. $98 Ohuhu EZ Pop-Up Canopy Tent

This tent only comes in one color, Blue. It does have tie-down cords that you can stake into the ground on each corner. This means you don’t have to have sandbags or waterbags to hold it down if a wind comes up and it will especially if you are on the beach. It’s pretty much like the others in this list except the frame seems to be stronger. Read more here.

5. $61 Luckymday 10x10 Feet Pop Up Canopy Tent

This is my last tent on the list. Even though it is a white wedding party tent it still qualifies by being under a $100, 10 x 10 ft footprint and is a Pop Up Tent. Why I included it is because it has 4 removal sides which are very convenient if you have kids, hot food, or anything else you need out of the wind. Read more here.


These Pop Up Canopy Tents are under $100 for a reason. They are not meant to last very long and if you get two years of use out of them (depending on how often you use them and under what conditions) then their equivalent to spending about $4 a month on a Starbuck coffee. Not bad at all. But please don’t think they will last much longer. I say this because I’m by nature a very conservative person when it comes to spending money and do a lot of research before, I buy most things. Having said that I hope you enjoy these tents and with care, they last much longer.


Having said all that, here is another Canopy Tent that I really like and will last much longer. It cost more money ($160) but I believe is worth it and here is why.

· 1184 review 4.5 stars “One review used it 7 days 12 hours per day and it held up great.”

· Alloy Steel Frame and Heavy-duty 150D polyester Canopy

· Center height 112 inches (great for hanging lights, fans, etc)

· 1-year warranty

· Legs are slanted (better stability)

· You can buy replacement parts by calling 888-774-584

· Guylines and ground stakes

· Read more here

I know the Core 10' x 10' Instant Shelter Pop-Up Canopy Tent only meets two of my criteria, but I wanted you to have another option to choose from. One more thing, it’s heavier and takes two people to put up.

And in case your are wondering this is how I choose a camping tent.

Thanks for reading.

Do yourself a favor, take a kid camping!

Alex Anderson


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