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Pop Up Camping Tent Check List

This article covers:

1. What you need to ask about your Pop Up Camping Tent site when booking.

2. How to be safe and prepare for your camping trip.

3. The personal items you need to take.

4. Types of clothing and footwear you need.

5. The recreational equipment you should take.

6. Food prep and supplies planning.

7. Camping gear and equipment list.

Growing up on a farm in the sixties taught me a lot of small but valuable skills that I still use today and have taught my kids. One of them is how to plan for a trip. Many farms, like ours, were located many miles from easy shopping. So, we would take a monthly trip “into town” to buy supplies. I remember being on a trip into town to pick up supplies and forgot to get something my dad really needed for the tractor. Needless to say, when I returned home without it, I learned my lesson.

From that day forward, I’ve been a thoughtful planner. One of the best skills I learned was to keep a running list of things that would be needed for the next trip into town. I do the same for my camping trips. I start a week in advance writing my list(1) of what I’m going to do on the trip which will let me know my next list(2) of what I need on the trip. I’ve learned the hard way for example, that not all campgrounds have drinkable water and if not, you have to be prepared to treat the water there or bring your own.

I hope this list helps you plan a little better for your next Pop Up Tent Camping Trip.

List One

“What are we doing on our camping trip?”

1. How many are going on a camping trip? Adults_____ Children_____

2. How long is the drive?

3. Will we be camping along the way or only when we get there?

4. Is it a typical campsite at a park or is it a primitive site?

5. What will the weather be like?

6. Who back at home needs to know that I (we) are on this trip (when, where, and how long)?

7. Does your campsite have the following available?

a. Potable Water

b. Electricity if not don't forget your Patriot Solar Power Cells.

c. Restrooms/bathhouse

d. Lights

e. Paved Parking

f. Security Staff

g. General Store

h. Medical Staff

i. Café

j. Park Rangers

k. Fishing

l. Swimming

m. Canoes/Kayaks

n. Lifeguards

o. Laundry Machines

p. Garbage Containers

q. Wild Animals

8. For your primitive campsite:

a. Do I need a permit?

b. How long can we stay at a time?

c. How long is the hike to the site(s)?

d. What wild animals will I need to know about?

e. Can I take an animal (horse, dog, etc)?

f. Is Park Ranger patrolling the area in case you need help (what’s their number)?

g. Are there any natural threats (falling rocks, freak storms, flood watches, etc)?

h. What is the trail level of difficulty?

i. Are there any campfire burn notices?

j. Are there emergency phones?

k. Is fishing or hunting available (permits)?

l. Are there special plants, streams, waterfalls, mountain top views, or animals to see?

Now that we’ve taken care of List #1 of our Pop Up Tent Camping Checklist, we can now move to List #2 (what do I need on the trip?).

List Two

What do I need on the trip?

PERSONAL ITEMS (for each person)

1. Driver License/Legal Identification

2. Credit Card

3. Medical Insurance Card

4. Emergency Contact List

5. Hunting/Fishing License

6. Campsite Reservation

7. Cash

8. Pistol if necessary or allowed

9. Multipurpose Knife

10. Cell Phone/Charger/External Battery

11. Small Personal Flashlight/Batteries (don’t use your phone, it will get damaged)

12. Quart Ziplock Bags for items 1-7 & 9 (nothing worse than wet papers or phone)

13. Sunscreen

14. Bug spray

15. First Aid Kit

16. Toiletry

17. Personal Hygiene (toothbrush/paste/sanitizers)

18. Prescription Medications

19. Brush/Combs


1. Sunglasses/Hats

2. Sleepwear

3. Socks

4. Boots

5. Sandals

6. Swimsuits

7. Hiking Pants/Shorts

8. Shirts/Tee’s Both (Short/Long Sleeves)

9. Lightweight fleece or jacket

10. Water Shoes

11. Raingear

12. Coats/Gloves

Food Prep Supplies (for each person) and Equipment

1. Firestarter/Matches/Lighter

2. Cooking Pots/Frying Pan

3. Camp Stove/Fuel

4. Charcoal

5. Utensils and knives (cooking/eating)

6. Openers (bottles, cans, corkscrew)

7. Cups/Bowels/Plates you can cut in)

8. Coolers/Water Containers

9. Cutting Board

10. Zip Lock Quart/Gallon Plastic Bags

11. Coffee Pot and Cups

12. Dry Storage Bins

13. Cleaning Supplies

Campsite Equipment (for each person)

2. Tarps/Stakes

3. Sleeping Bags

4. Sleeping Pads

5. Pillows

6. Camping Cots/Hammocks

7. Lanterns/Headlights (extra fuel/batteries)

8. Binoculars

9. Field Guidebook(s)

10. Compass

11. Clothesline

12. Firewood or Wood Saw or Axe

13. Camp Table & Chairs

14. Games

15. Pet Supplies/Gear

16. Trash Bags

17. Toilet Paper

18. Camp Shower

19. Duct Tape

20. Power Cords

I know this list has help my family and hope it makes your trip easier.

Thanks for reading my Pop Up Tent Camping Checklist.

Do yourself a favor, take a kid camping, it will change your life!

All the best,


P.S. Please share it with friends.


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