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10 Top Pop Up Camping Tents

In this article:

· Amazon’s 10 Selling Pop Up Camping Tents

· Prices range from $42 to $320

· Pop Up Camping Tent Size: 2 Person To 4 Person Tents

· Best feature(s) for each Pop Up Tent on the list

See if you can find the one with the most features.

1- Coleman 4 Person Sundome Tent (Easy Up) $79

Best feature: With over 24,000 reviews, 4.7 stars, and a price well below $100, it's pretty easy to see why this Pop Up Camping Tent is a Top Selling Tent on Amazon. It’s very waterproof, hold up in strong winds, goes up in 12 minutes and you can throw a queen size air mattress in it and sleep like a king. This 4-person tent is great for you and your daughter or son to go to your deer hunting fields and spending the night downwind so you can get up befotent re light and be in your deer stand. Good times.

2- Coleman 2 Person Pop Up Tent $52

The best feature of this 2-Person Pop Up Camping Tent is its footprint. At. 7 feet 6 inches long x 4 feet 5 inches wide, you have plenty of room for us tall fellas to stretch out. And have a heater at your feet in cold weather and a fan at your head in warm weather. Love the extra length and I like the green colored one a lot.

3- Coleman 6 Person Cabin Tent (Easy Up) $124

The best feature of this 6-person tent is it’s like a small house. Its footprint is 10 feet x 9 feet and 6 feet high. Plenty of room for sleeping cots, camping gear, and tall enough for lanterns and fans to hang from the ceiling. If there are only two of you, you can store all your camping equipment in it and still have room for a couple of chairs and a small table. I see why it's on Amazon's top-selling list.

4- Pop Up Tent - Automatic Instant Tent $42

There are 2 best features about this tent that I like: It comes with a 100% risk-free satisfaction guarantee. That's awesome. It also weighs only 3.5 lbs. and has a very handy carry bag. And pops up in seconds. Great for a day at the beach or kids sleeping over. Got to love it.

5- Diamond Candy Pop Up Tent $64

Besides having an unusual name (Diamond Candy), its best feature is that you can enter it from either end. And both ends have screens with tiebacks for the doors. Let the airflow through baby. Footprint 80 inches x 70 inches and 45 inches high. Not tall but plenty of room for two people.

6- BFull Instant Pop Up Camping Tent $86

This is a hiking tent for sure. One of the best features of this tent is that it converts into a waterproof sun shelter. Its unique two-part design makes the conversion to the tent from a shelter and back pretty easy. This is why it makes such a great hiking tent. If you just want to sit under the shelter on a sunny day overlooking the mountain cliff you just conquered, or you get caught in a freak snowstorm in the Blue Ridge Mountains (man it was cold) then you are all set.

7- Coleman 4 Person Pop Up Tent $89

Coleman Tents strikes a home run again. The best feature is its size (9-foot x 6-foot 6-inch). A long roomy 4-person magical Pop Up Camping Tent that holds a queen size air mattress. Leave the kids with the grandparents and have a midyear anniversary with all the fun by the lake with a full moon. Who's in?

8- Eskimo Fat Fish Pop Up Portable $320

This Monster Pop Up CampingTent was created obviously for fishing which is its best feature. Three men can comfortably sit in it while fishing. It weighs a surprisingly light 27lbs. My guess for the reason it is on the Amazon top 10 camping tent list is because of its special use. No many uses for the average person. It has 686 reviews and a 5 Star rating. If you ice fish, then it's perfect. I flyfish in Canada, but have never been ice fishing. Might give it a go.

9- PLUNGE Pop Up Tent $59

The best feature about this Pop Up 4 Man Tent is that it can prevent mosquitoes from getting in. I'm not sure why God created mosquitoes, but they live just about everywhere I've ever camped or fished. I was flyfishing near Watson Lake, Yukon, Canada, and those things would just about tote you off. Their swarms looked like small dark clouds in the air. Anyway, you can’t go wrong with this tent. It's a double-door hydraulic tent which means it pops up and takes down really well. It has many more features as well. What I don't understand is how they pack so much technology in this tent for the price.

10- DEERFAMY Pop Up Tent $80

This Pop Up Camping Tent is perfect for the beach. Its 3 best features are its 4-sided airflow with two large mesh windows and two doors. You can catch fresh air from any direction and the front door flap can become a porch with two poles. One more thing, when the windows and doors are closed, it's really dark inside this 4-person tent. The tent walls are thick and block out the light inside and out. This prevents silhouette shadows when you are getting dressed at night by your lantern. This is really important especially for the lady folk. I really like this feature a lot.

My Three Camping Comfort Recommendations

Willpo Certipur-US Memory Foam Camping Mattress

I know it’s because I’m getting older, but I like a little comfort whenever possible on my camping trips and especially when I sleep. I know it’s a little pricey, but I like this mattress. You can throw this in your truck tent and sleep like a baby. The single size is 75" x 30" and 2 ¾" thick. It's narrow for me, so I like the twin size. It’s 38” wide. When you’re not using it on a camping trip, it makes a good little bed at home for a last-minute guess for the kids.

AlpsWolf Camping Lantern Rechargeable Camping

For $20 this is one cool camping lantern. Not only can you hang it in your truck tent, but it’s really bright. It’s rechargeable and has multiple light settings. It’s also great for giving you enough light for cleaning fish at night. Love this little guy.

OPOLAR 1500W Ceramic Space Heater

If you have electrical on site great if not I like a little generator to power this OPOPAR heater. Warning, if you turn it up to high it will get really hot run you out of the tent. But it sure is nice when the temperature drops below 40 degrees at night.

Well, that's all I got for you today!

Thanks for reading my articles. My goal is to help you to save money on great products and have a great time. And maybe throw in a few nuggets of helpful tips that I've learned along the way.

Until the next article…do yourself a favor and take a kid camping, it will change your life.

All the best,


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