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Pop Up Shower Tents For Those Who Hate Camping.

Hello, my fellow campers,

In this article, I have three camping essentials for you (if you take the kiddos).

1. Two of my favorite Pop Up Shower Tents.

2. Two Portable Camping Showers.

3. How to turn your Pop Shower tent into your very own private outdoor toilet.

I don't know about you but after about 3 days without a shower, I start to smell pretty gamey. Sometimes you cannot avoid it if you are camping far off the grid (think flyfishing in the backcountry of British Columbia). However, if your campsite is near a stream or lake that you can drive to it can be just like home if you bring a Pop Up Shower Tent and a Portable Camping Shower

These two conveniences make it almost feel like you are camping in your backyard but with a view that you don’t have at home. Like Pop Up Camping Tents these little niceties go up quick and takedown as easy. They take up very little room and are not heavy. So even if you have to backpack them a short distance to your favorite site and you have water, you are set.

One note is you will need a DC Power supply like a battery to run the shower. Some portable showers have a rechargeable battery that goes with the shower like this one. You will also need a bucket for the portable shower to draw the water from. Don’t stick the siphon for the shower directly into a lake or stream (that was dumb) because the suction of your shower can get filled with dirt and destroy your portable camping shower. Be sure to read the instructions which I frequently fail to do.

Here is a list of Pop Up Shower Tents and Portable Camping Showers for you to consider and their prices.

Pop Up Shower Tents

EasyGo Giant Pop UP Camping Shower ($110)

I like this one for one reason, Kids. When our 3 kids were young and we took them camping it was a great time for them to get into nature and get nature into them and many times on them. They loved swimming in streams in the Blue Ridge Mountains or building sandcastles at the beach (sand gets into more places than you can imagine). I did not have this Pop Up Shower Tent back then only a bucket to wash them off.

I like the size because you can take everything you need into the shower tent to clean those little rascals up. Dad can shower one while mom dries and gets them dressed because it comes with two rooms. At a towering 7.5' tall x 4' deep x 7.5' wide. A lot of space to put a table and chair for changing clothes after a shower.

It sets up in a few minutes and only weighs 9 lbs. Completely private but does have windows and big doors that you can unzip to let the airflow through the tent so it will dry out after being used. It includes a towel bar and mesh pocket for soap and shampoo or toothbrush and toothpaste.

One more thing, it makes a great place to have an outdoor toilet if you have one of these SereneLife Outdoor Portable Toilets. We kept one of these in our conversion van when our kiddos were little. Really helps on long trips to the campsite or to see Grandma.

WolfWise Pop Up Shower Tent ($40)

If you are not taking the kids on your camping trip and just need a quick pop up shower tent or outdoor toilet tent, I highly recommend Wolf Wise. Great for the money and has over 3400 reviews with an Amazon 4.5-star rating. It’s about 4 feet by 4 feet and just over 6 feet tall. It weighs 4 pounds.

Portable Camping Showers (with batteries)

JAYETEC Portable Outdoor Shower Set ($43)

This Portable outdoor camping shower set comes with a 4400mAh rechargeable battery and can turn a bucket of water into a fine little shower. It’s pretty easy and simple to use. Just mount it on a tree next to your Pop Up Shower Tent put the siphon hose in your bucket of water then connect your battery and you are all set. The rechargeable battery lasts around 80 minutes. If you can't scrub up nice and clean in an hour and 20 minutes, then just jump in the lake with a bar of soap and soak a while because you must have fallen into some really bad bear poop. Seriously though 3 people should have plenty of time to get a nice shower before you have to recharge the battery.

Riigoo Portable Camping Shower ($38)

I like this one for two reasons. It comes with a folding water bucket and the battery can be charged by your truck’s cigarette lighter socket with an adapter cord that comes with it. The battery lasts about 45 minutes which is still plenty of time to scrub the kids nice and clean for some good old camp chili. This portable camping shower works pretty much the same way as the other one. Either one is a win for me.

Well, that's all I got for you today!

Thanks for reading my articles. My goal is to help you to save money on great products and have a great time. And maybe throw in a few nuggets of helpful tips that I've learned along the way.

Until the next article…do yourself a favor and take a kid camping, it will change your life.

All the best,


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