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What is the best Coleman camping stove?

I remember my uncle's Coleman camp stove. He had one of the original models that use gasoline for fuel. It was a treat to what him open it up, fill the fuel tank, light the burner and then make a pot of coffee. Maybe it was because I was 10 years old and it stuck deep in my memory, but I do believe Coleman makes the best camp stove.

The best camping stove is the Coleman Classic. It cost $46, has a 5-star rating, 16,725 reviews, two burners for one 10-inch and one 12-inch pan at the same time, runs off propane, creates 20,000 BTUs for 1 hour on a 16.4 oz propane cylinder.

It's dimensions are 4-in high by 21-in long by 13-in deep, weighs two pounds and was invented by William C. Coleman Company in 1954.

In additions to the Classic, Coleman makes 16 other great stoves. I've listed them below in my google spreadsheet. Spend some time looking through my spreadsheet. You find some interesting things about these Coleman camp stoves. Like what type fuel they use, how long a canister of fuel will last, how large they are, how many burners, their number of reviews and more...

The second highest rated Coleman stove based on review is Coleman Butane Stove. It has 4.5 stars with 6,364 reviews. It's a single burner and butane burns a little cleaner than propane. Most people still use the propane, because butane is difficult to light in very cold weather since it has higher boiling point than point the propane.

The third highest rated Coleman stove is the Coleman bottle top propane stove is perfect if you are camping alone. I cook for myself over the campfire most of the time, but when I want coffee or cook a pot of soup. the bottle top propane does the trick. It has a 4.5 star rating with 4,265 reviews. It's a single burner staove and fits perfectly atop a 16.4 oz canister of propane. It's stainless steel construction make it very durable. It kicks out 10,000 hot BUTs and a will last about an 2.5 hours which is enough fuel to cook 5 meals at 30 minutes a meal.

Coleman's Powerpack propane stove barely beats out the Coleman Deluxe Table Top 2-in-1 by 5 reviews. Both are have over 1580 reviews and a 4.5 star rating. These two stoves work really well when you take a crowd camping and you got to cook a lot of food however the Coleman Powerpack puts out 20,000 BTUs of heat where as the Coleman Deluxe Table Top 2-n-1 produces only 7,500 BTUs, which means the Powerpack get's the food to those hungry kids quicker.

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All the best,

Alex Anderson


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