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What Is The Best Camping Cot To Buy

Hello my fellow explorers,

Thanks again for joining me as I walk you through a list of the best camping cots to buy. There are so many factors and options to choose from on the market that is can be confusing. But today I hope to save you some time and money by narrowing it down to just 6 of the best choices for different uses.

This article will cover:

1. Camping cots of various price points

2. Different cot sizes and uses

3. The best features of each cot

4. Our favorite

Cots are great to bring along for those times that sleeping on the ground just won’t do. I know if you are like me, roughing it is great but harsh on the back, so these dandy inventions make it, so I don’t have to wake up sore and stiff while trying to enjoy nature.

Tent Cot

We begin today with something I think is pretty handy if you plan on heading out alone or like your privacy. This cot doubles as a one man tent as well. It will keep you cozy and closed up away from the elements while also staying a few inches off the ground. The protective covering does well against the weather and makes sure you are not visited by anything while you are getting your shut eye. And if you are looking to relax and enjoy the fresh air then the tent portion folds down, and the bed converts to a nice lounge chair.

The bed itself is made for only one person but there is a larger version you can purchase if you are looking for something to use on couples’ trips. The set up and tear down are not that hard and videos on how to do so are easy to find. It is also a bit bulky in size so it won’t tuck away as nicely as other cots may. Still it only weighs a little over twenty-five pounds and has a carrying case so mobility with it isn’t such a huge issue. If you are looking for something that is worth its weight in use, then you have found it.

2 Person Cot

The next cot on this list is close to bringing an actual bed with you camping. The Coleman Camping Cot comes with an air mattress as well as a battery powered pump to inflate it and the cot stands two feet off the ground. In terms of camping cots this one is pretty luxurious. It even has built-in side tables with cup holders. The mattress is described as queen but feels more like a full. Aside from the mattress being a bit smaller than advertised this cot does a great job of being a cot.

It is water resistant and the mattress is inside a cover attached to the frame meaning there is no chance of it slipping or moving as you sleep and move on it over the night. It is set on steel rods that are capable of holding up to six hundred pounds, so this thing is sturdy. When all packed up the whole set weighs in at around forty-two pounds and is no bigger than the average tent to carry.

For couples, this is a great thing to bring along on romantic weekends into the woods or spacious enough to use on family vacations and you need to fit a couple of kids in the hotel room. Really, the uses are numerous for something like this but for camping I would say this is one of the finer things to bring along if you really want to be comfortable while out there.

Kids Cot

Here is something for the kids to use while out in the wilds with you or something fun to use around the house. The REDCAMP extra-long kids cot is the ideal cot for your youngest explorers. It is super easy to set up and take down because it folds up like a camping chair. The legs are sturdy and nonslip so they can go anywhere, and you don’t have to worry about your kids flipping it easily. Even though it's set for toddlers the cot can hold up to two hundred and twenty pounds so a parent can sit on it with no fear of snapping their children's bed.

The length of the bed allows for a child of four and a half feet to sleep on it and has a nice side pocket to hold snacks or books or anything else your kid may need to sleep at night. Like I said earlier the set up and take down is super simple and there is a carrying case that comes with it.

All together the whole set weighs around eleven pounds so it's super easy to bring along without adding too much more to whatever you are bringing with you camping. The bed cot can also be used indoors as well as a fun little sleeping mat for naptime or an easy thing to bring when visiting family or on long day trips.

Portable Cot

This entry is very much the kind of cot you may think of when you hear the word “cot”. It is very simple in its design as it does the job it was meant for. It is study and can hold about any adult comfortably as they sleep while camping. The cot has five rods that come with supports which do need to be attached when assembling the bed. Assembling the bed does take a few minutes and some practice but once it's done it will hold you securely.

The bottom of the legs is non-slip and designed to not damage any surface they are placed upon, so you don’t have to worry about your tent floor. The simple design is the benefit of this cot as it was designed to be light and easy for use while out in the woods or climbing mountains for extended periods of time. The cot just weighs five pounds and designed to fit easily in any sort of camping backpack. For the minimalist camper out there, this is definitely an item you would want to grab.

Coleman Trail head ii (Our Favorite)

Another cot from Coleman. This is a sturdy piece of equipment you can use for when you are getting ready to camp and rather be off the ground. The cot is designed a bit wider than other average cots out there so you can have a little more sleep space without having to dangle off the edge. It is long enough to fit a six-foot adult and still have a little space at the ends. The design is simple, much like our last entry, but stands a couple of feet off the ground.

The crossbar supports make sure you are held up without being too much of a bother to anyone sleeping on the cot. Assembly is required with this one but there is little difficulty to actually concern yourself with and should still only take a few minutes to complete. It folds up and can be fit in most trunks. This cot is a return to basics but for the average camper I say it still can be useful and gets its job done well.

Cot Bunk Beds

I will have to say this is the most fun entry on this list. These are bunk bed cots for kids. They are designed for older kids between the ages of seven to twelve but I am sure the younger ones will love it too. They can change and be assembled as two separate cots, a nice sitting bench for the kids or of course stack on each other to make bunk beds. They are made of very sturdy materials, which any parent knows, is a must.

The design of the bottoms keeps the cots from sinking or sliding when set up. Each cot can be disassembled and stored in a case for easy storage and the kids will love the different colors the cots come in. Also, there is extra storage pockets on the sides of each cot for the little ones to place things like books or night lights in case they need them at night. The top bunk isn’t very high off the ground so falling off, if that does ever happen, won’t cause any harm but the bottom bunk still gets about eighteen inches of space in between. This is definitely a great purchase to make for kids whether you use it for camping or some fun furniture in the playroom.

Thanks for reading my articles. My goal is to help you to save money on great products and have a great time. And maybe throw in a few nuggets of helpful tips that I've learned along the way.

Until the next article…do yourself a favor and take a kid camping, it will change your life.

All the best,


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