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5 SUV Tent Reviews

“For those who don’t want to sleep on the ground with the wild animals.”

Welcome back campers,

In this article we will review SUV tents. These convenient tents are designed to be setup around the back of an SUV.

This article will cover:

1. The 5 best SUV

2. Each one’s best qualities

3. The differences between them

4. Are Car Tents Worth it?

SUV Tents are a great way to camp when you don’t want the full hassle of unloading everything at once and don’t want to sleep on the ground. The tents attach pretty easily to the back of SUVs, minivans and most other midsize cars.

Rightline Gear SUV Tent

To start off this list we have the Rightline Gear SUV tent. It is a great tent that does exactly what you need to do. It attaches easily to almost any vehicle. It is spacious enough for six people if you use the storage to fit more people. The actual sleeping section can fit four adults. It is still plenty spacious due to the design of the tent. The tent is waterproof and stands up against rain, winds and snow.

There is also an additional rainfly that further helps the tent resist the elements. The mesh on the floor and windows also does a great job of keeping unwanted pests out of the tent. And for the times where you need to move your car but don’t need to take down camp, the tent can stand alone perfectly fine. The car attached area closes well and does not affect the integrity of the whole tent. The only major drawbacks to this tent lie in the netting which at times gets caught in the poles. Otherwise this is a great tent to use when you are looking for a great way to not sleep on the ground and or need to save the money for a hotel.

The Napier SUV tent is a great tent for great weather. It stands tall and is roomy with seven feet of head space and attaches well to any SUV. There is enough room to fit five adults between the bedding area and floor of the tent. Three windows allow for views and each window has netting to keep nature outside and not let anything in. The setup is not as simple as a pop up tent would be but can be managed pretty easily with two people helping, one person can do it but not as easily.

Like the Rightline, the Napier can standalone without being attached to a car and doesn’t lose anything in terms of space. The major drawback for this tent though, is the lack of waterproofing. It has been known to leak during any kind of rain so be sure to check the forecast before you take this one out for a weekend. Also be sure to keep an eye out for spiders as they have been known to sneak past the tents defenses . All in all, this is still a great roomy tent for a nice outing or road trip.

SUV Roof Top Tent

Our next entry on this list is very different from our first two. This tent is a Rooftop tent and true to the name is set up on top of your SUV. You will literally be camping out on your car. I find this a fun way to get off the ground and still experience the outdoors. This tent comes with a few extra things to go along with the unique sleeping arrangement. Firstly, there is the telescopic ladder you will need to climb in and out of the tent. It is sturdy and will definitely get the job done Next, and in my opinion the best feature is the mattress you will have to access at the bottom of your tent. It is a full-size mattress and will comfortably fit just 2 adults.

This tent is great for couples who want to sleep under the stars. The design of the tent allows for great panoramic views and still provides shelter from the elements. The net door rolls from the top down, so it still keeps the tent ventilated and still allows it privacy. There are two windows, one on each side and they also have pockets built into the interior for further storage, so you don’t have to climb down to get everything you need once you are inside. The installation does take some work to place it on top of your SUV but once it is up there the setup and tear down while traveling and camping is very minimal. The tent also comes with a cover to keep it safe while on the road. So, if you are okay with the climbing and smaller space then this is a great tent for a nice camping trip.

SUV Tent Attachment (Awning)

This SUV tent goes back to the setup from the first two on the list and attaches to the back of your truck or SUV. This one, however, is different as it is not a full SUV tent, but it is an awning. It does a great job of acting as a cover if you are looking to set up a picnic table or even tailgate with it. As it is an awning and not a full tent it comes with only one wall to block one direction. The tent itself, along with the ropes and poles used to keep it standing, are very durable and weather resistant. The canopy and walls of the awning also block out UV rays so this is something that will be especially useful on camping trips to the beach or even just a beach day.

The wall for the awning can also be moved to fit different sides so you don’t have to reposition the whole car if the winds change. The awning can also stand-alone from the SUV and act as a decent sized barrier to block the elements. To use this along with a regular tent would be a great way to keep your campsite protected from nature in case you have a tent that doesn’t hold up well against rain and fails to block out the UV rays. The carrying case for this awning makes it easy to pack up, carry around and stow away when not using it or taking it to a different site. I think this is a nifty item to use whether you are going camping or just taking the SUV out to parks or other outings.

SUV Camping Tent (Tunnel)

Our last entry on this list is a SUV camping tent tunnel. This, much like the entry above, is not a tent for camping but will definitely make your outdoors experience better. This is a tunnel tent that attaches to the end of your SUV or truck and provides a good bit of shelter away from the sun and rain. The tunnel stretches up to fifteen feet long and has head room of eight feet. The canopy is made of a sturdy polyester that does a great job of blocking UV rays and also water resistant. Each side of the canopy has openings to enter and exit from that can be clipped closed. The design of the tent also allows it to be adjustable meaning you can make it shorter to longer according to your needs. The length and width of the tent can fit any picnic table as well.

On either end of the tunnel itself is also open but has no way to close them so it cannot function as a camping tent. There is no netting so it cannot keep any bugs out. Given its size it is light coming in at around eighteen pounds and easy to take down. If you are looking for something to use for family get togethers, tailgates, and BBQs then this is a great investment. In terms of the actual outdoors, the tunnel tent will not hold up well against the wild. Be sure to use this on days with minimal winds as it is very light and could be blown down.

Don’t forget your Pop Up Shower tent. It comes in handy at the end of the days to wash off the sand from the beach or just to change clothes in at a busy park.

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