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When you got to go, you got to go!

Pop Up Privacy Tents (Review)

Welcome back campers,

Have you ever needed to change clothes or go potty, but didn’t have any privacy? In this article I will be reviewing Pop Up Privacy tents.

This article will cover:

1. Specifically, Pop up Privacy tents

2. Their different uses

3. The best features of each tent.

4. Necessary items to get with the tents.

Privacy Tent

This tent truly delivers when it comes to privacy and being a pop up tent. The assembly is quick, and storage is simple. This tent is specifically made for no more than two people to use at once which is perfect for changing rooms for moms or spacious enough to use as a shower and still being able to bring what you need inside. The material for the tent is sturdy and waterproof so this can even be used on rainy days for a makeshift shelter during a short rainstorm on the beach. Also, there is almost no way to see through it unless it is night and you bring a really bright light inside. This tent has a ton of uses outside of camping like beach trips and photoshoots. So, if you are looking for a good tent to act as a changing room, shower or a place to nurse your baby, this pop up privacy tent will certainly meet your expectations.

Shower Tent Pop Up

Looking for a great pop up privacy tent that can double as a shower? Then look no further than this tent. It stands at almost 7-feet tall and makes it easy for anyone of any height to fit in. The material is sturdy and nontransparent so there is no way to peek inside. It is great for changing and has slots and spaces to function as a bathroom tent with pockets installed on its sides and windows that zipper close with vents. Another great function with this tent is has built-in clothes lines to hang wet clothes or even keep bags off the floor. There are also slots to instill a container for shower water. The tent also comes weather resistant and spikes that make it hard to tip over. And when you’re all done, packing it up and carrying it around is easy as well with the carrying bag that comes with it. This pop up privacy tent is great for any weekend trip and is a great upgrade over using the facilities at any campsite.

Pop Up Toilet Tent

Just because you are going camping doesn’t mean you have to totally rough it and this pop up privacy tent proves that. With space for two, there is plenty of room for moms to change their kids’ clothes or diapers. Along with the tent comes a seat to use when nature calls, I don’t know about the rest of you, but this is a huge plus for me. The tent does take a little putting together, but it is worth it. There are pockets inside for toiletries and the top is ventilated to allow for moisture to escape. It is waterproof on the outside and does not leak so you can use the tent in peace no matter what it is like outside. It also includes attachment to make the tent a shower as well, so it functions as a whole bathroom. The bag to hold the water attaches outside and all you need to do is put away the foldable seat and there you go. Really, this is an optimal tent to take with you into the wild too. It packs up easy and doesn’t weigh a lot so you can trek it with you anywhere you go. It is also great for beach trips to use as a way to get out of the sun for a bit and letting little ones take a nap. Whether you are alone or camping with a group this tent is a great idea to have.

Pop Up Changing Tent

This pop up privacy tent is a great combo tent. It has two rooms, one designed to work like a shower and one for changing. The design of the tent even allows for a way to heat the shower water using sunlight. It is sturdy and the walls are lined so it is impossible to see through them ensuring you get total privacy while in there. The tent also has enough hooks and storage so everything will stay off the floor and stay dry in both rooms. Bringing this tent is like bringing a room of your house with you while camping.

The pop up tent works great for parents as they can be with their small kids the entire time while they need to change and shower them as well as having a great place to nurse their babies. The only entrance is through the changing room side so there is a better sense of security and privacy when in the shower and no chance of being walked in on, Perfect for families and couples as there is always a place to use before and after the shower that doesn’t require using another tent or having to step outside.

Privacy Tent (Family Size)

Another great two room tent with a shower. This pop up privacy tent is great for any camping trip. It is easy to put up and tear down and provides great privacy. All the doors and windows close entirely and have a protective mesh to keep out any pests. Another great thing about this tent is there are pouches and a towel rack inside, so nothing has to go on the floor and get wet. The other room is separated by a wall and can be used for changing or anything else like nursing.

In terms of the walls and being able to see through them at most a silhouette can be seen but not anything else. That is the biggest drawback of this privacy pop up tent but the size and features of it still make it something worthwhile to have. This is a very spacious tent. This is a great tent for a family to use or friends, as long as the wall is up. The double doors mean people can go in and out of each room without having to disturb the other person.

Privacy Tent Necessities

Tent Lights

These lights are a great idea to keep in the pop up privacy tent when you need to see and it is dark out. The standard package comes with 4 bulbs and the batteries needed to power them. There are three different settings for them, and they are kid friendly. They tend to last only a few hours though so I wouldn’t plan on keeping them on all night unless you bring a good amount of back up batteries but they will do the job if using it to change in the evening or some light reading before calling it a night. The bulbs give off a white light and are pretty sturdy, but I wouldn’t recommend throwing them around too much. The pack also comes with clips so you can place the around the tents as needed.

Outdoor Toilet

Digging a hole in the ground is not for everyone and walking at night away from your campsite when nature calls can be scary. It is at these times this great invention comes in handy. This is great to bring on trips and easy to set up inside any of these pop up privacy tents, especially the two section ones and have a makeshift bathroom. The materials keep odor and all the mess locked away and cleanup is simple. The flush system takes care of most messes easily. It is a great time saver to have on any camping trip.

Camping Shower

If using a wash rag is not enough and the shower bags these pop up privacy tents come with are not doing the job then I recommend getting one of these. This Camping Shower hose is great for getting a little more water pressure and helps when trying to get a good shower while out in the middle of nowhere. It is rechargeable and can get you a 5-minute shower from a bucket of water. The hose is a bit short so I would suggest keeping the bucket off the ground to ensure you can wash your hair and head without having to bend over too much. All in all, this is a great little device to add one of the comforts of home while in the woods.

Well there you have it, a little bit more of home away from home. Maybe it’s just me, but as much as I have loved camping for many decades now, these little niceties keep camping fun even for an old fart like me.

Until the next article…do yourself a favor and take a kid camping, it will change your life.

All the best,


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