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5 Tall Pop Up CampingTents and a Monster Tent

Pop Up Camping Tents You Can Walk Around In

According to Medical News Today, the average height of a man over 20 years old in the U.S. is 5'9" (69 inches) and the average height of a woman over 20 years old is 5’4” (64 inches).

And for year tent makers did not make tents you could stand up in, but that has changed. And for a guy over 6 feet, I'm very glad.

Here is my list of 5 of the Tallest Pop Up Tents

The Keumer Venustas Tent, Outsunny 8 Person Pop Up Tent, Eskimo Fatfish Pop Up Tent, Ubon 6 Person Pop Up Tent, and the Fashcamp Mega 5.

1-KEUMER Venustas Large Pop Up

This Pop Up Tent was designed to be used at the Beach. It creates an Automatic Sun Shelter or Cabana. It’s also a lightweight tent which makes it great for a Fishing Tent. Because it is a 4 Person Tent at 7-feet 3-inches long and 5-feet and 5-inches wide and 4-feet 4-inches high, you have plenty of room to stretch out and take a nap without worrying about getting sunburned.

Another thing that impressed me about this 4 person tent is its air circulation. It has 3 large mesh windows. And if you are trying to take a nap at the beach, even though you are out of the sun, you need a lot of airflow, or your tent just becomes a human oven.

It’s about 40% bigger than most Pop Up beach tents so you can put this queen size air mattress in it for the family. No more broken shells stabbing you in the back.

Now for the height. At 53” high (4’3”) small children will have no problem walking around inside of the tent, but the average adult will not have this privilege. But for a Pop Up Tent, it's one of the tallest available that the kiddos could stand up in and biggest available so I just had to tell you about it.

It is also easy to take down and stores nicely in its bag. And as with all new tents, I recommend you practice setting it up at home before you head out for your day at the beach or campsite. I like this Pop Up Tent a lot and at around $65, it’s a cheap date.

2-Outsunny 8 Person Pop-Up Tent

This is a tall tent. It’s 11-feet long x 5-feet wide x 5-feet and 10-inches high Pop Up Tent, so it is very long and sleeps, 8 people. It’s actually designed to have as a base camp for ice fishing and has insulated walls to protect you from cold winds and hold in the heat of your portable heater. It is waterproof and is certainly not a summer tent unless you are in Canada fishing or hunting. I would say it’s a 7 out of 10 in my book because it’s too big for a couple of people and again made for colder camping. All that said it's pretty good for the money at just under $200 for a tall tent.

3-Eskimo FatFish Series Pop-Up Portable Ice Fishing Shelter

No, I’m not a person who likes to ice fish, but the 6-feet 6-inches high height of this tent is a winner for me. Yes, it’s another cold-weather tent but I like the 7-feet 9-inches x 13-feet 10-inches footprint as well. It's just the right size for camping gear, sleeping bags, and 3 to 4 adults. This is a great tent for a small family. It’s got mesh pocket storage sewn into the sides to keep things off the floor. It’s tall enough to hang battery-powered lights in. And not it's not a warm-weather tent but is great for cool weather fall or winter camping. It's not cheap at around $550 but a well worth the investment if you and your family are avid campers. On one other note, it’s an ice fishing shelter so you will need a tarp the same size its footprint size to go under it.

4-Ubon 6 Person Family Camping Pop Up Tent

You don’t find many Instant Cabin Tents with a 5-foot 7-inch height. It also has a nice 10-foot by 9-foot footprint, Rainfly, 2 large doors, and good venting for airflow. And for $150 this warm weather tent is a good buy. And sometimes, Amazon runs a $20 off coupon on this tent.

It's supposed to be a 6 person tent but from my experience, it’s really a 4 person tent with camping gear. One special note is it has an electrical cord port that you can close when not in use. This is handy for small fans or small tent warmers. It only weighs about 14 pounds and as you can tell I like this tent lot.

5-FASTCAMP Mega5, 4-Person pop up Tent

You unstrap this tent, throw it in the air, and boom it opens itself in seconds. Boy, I wish I had had this Pop Up Tent when my dad and I were camping with my uncle Mutt (yep, that’s what we called him). What an easy tent to work with.

It’s 6-foot 2-inches tall, which I like, and has a 3-foot 6-inches by 8-foot 6-inches footprint, not bad. I would have liked it a foot wider than 3-foot 6-inches but not bad. And for me, since I'm a big guy, it's really a 3 man tent if you include your camping gear.

Two windows and for its size, it has a privacy wall inside if you need to change clothes without everyone seeing that brand spanking new private tattoo you got last week. It weighs just over 6 pounds, very light, I like that. Not bad for $80 bucks.

Bonus option: Crazy Monster Size Pop Up Tent

This thing is crazy, but I put this one on my list is as a great alternative. It’s the E-Z UP CC10ALRB Outdoor Camping Cube 5.4 even though it’s not a Pop Up Tent. This is a very functional tent. It has a 10-foot by 10-foot footprint and is 76 inches high or 6’4’’ (love this). It’s a 5 Person tent but I believe it’s really only big enough for 4 people. It doesn’t need tools to set up.

It uses an E-Z UP frame (sold separately) and specially designed clips and S hooks. The Tent only weighs 14 pounds (not bad for a tent this size).

It has large screen windows and screen doors that make the cool night breezes feel really nice. The tent fabric has UV blocking and comes with heavy-duty flaps that close with large zippers (no fumbling around what a hard to grab tiny zipper). The fabric is bug and waterproof which includes the floor. Since the tent quickly attaches to the frame is also is easy to take down. The only downside to this tent is it is not a Pop Up Tent. But I wanted to include it as an alternative tall tent option.

If you want to sleep above the ground check out these two articles. 5 SUV Tent Reviews and The Amazing Pop Up Bed Tent.

I hope this helps! Until the next article…do yourself a favor and take a kid camping, it will change your life.

Happy Camping, Alex

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