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Patriot Power Cells (Portable Solar Power)

Hello my fellow campers,

If you are off the gird a lot (like me at times) and you have not

heard about the 4Patriot Power Cell (solar chargers) you're

missing a great thing.

I can't say enough good things about the Patriot Power Cells.

They are durable, obviously rechargeable, and very affordable.

Throw one on a stump by your pop up camping tent and just let the

sun do the rest. You just about cannot destroy these things.

You have great peace of mind when you or family are out in the

bush away from your truck or car for days and you still need to

check in with the family or even work (yuck). Stay connected when

when you need to with solar portable power.

These folks make a whole bunch of products that are great for us

Camping folks. Like the following:

1- Sun Kettle Solar Cooker makes hot water pretty darn quick for

a solar device.

2-HaloXT Tactical Flashlight recharge these bad boys over

and over and over.

3-Solar Sentry Security Light don't buy this light unless your

neighbors live a mile away (just kidding), but it will light up

the world around it.

4-Patriot Power Generator 1800 when you need to more juice than

just for your cell phone. This solar generator is not cheap but in Florida, where I live, you

cannot afford to not have a generator during hurricane season.

Check these folks out at They also support our American

Vets. My dad and my wife's dad served this great country of ours. My hat's off

to them and all the good men and women who allow us to go camping when

ever we want.

I like the products so much I've added them to my Pop Up Camping Tent Check List.

Check it out.

Well that's all I got for you today. Don't forget...take a kid camping because it will

change your life for the better.

All the best,



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